BUYER (all types of food from Spain)

Olivo, aceitunas, aceites, etc.

BUYER (all types of food from Spain)

Notapor paroness » Vie, 21 Sep 2012, 15:46

Dear Sir,

I am representing a company who is the owner of a big food chain stores in Estonia,Baltic States.They are currently looking for items to buy from Spain,olive oil,vine,cheese,canned olives,canned fish products,canned vegetables,canned and fresh fruits,ham ,frutas secos and much more.If the price range is right for them ,they are interested to buy large and very large quantities of this items.

please send me your product list and price list as soon as possible,also the pyment terms and delivery options.

Kind regards,
Liina Helin
Interlord Trading S.L.
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Re: BUYER (all types of food from Spain)

Notapor lahuertadevalencia » Mar, 25 Sep 2012, 16:53

I see your coment in Infoagro.
I am grower of oranges in valencia (spain)

My question is : are you interested in this product?

Best regards,
José Miguel Cordellat
0034 615319726

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